Friday, November 20, 2009

Modus Operandi

Anyone who has visited my studio will tell you that I am very organized. A place for everything and everything in its place. But my collage operation is about disorder. There has to be a visible profusion of possible options; there has to be an opportunity for accidental juxtapositions of color; the brain must be forced to consider heretofore rebuffed marriages of colors. There must be every possible version of orange (or blue or red or green or yellow) (never  happens), a variety of line thicknesses, diversity of pattern - I want and need it all.

I put together a collage painting from this treasure-trove of materials - all of my manufacture - and then put it in the pile of  “resolved, waiting for review”. After some time goes by, months, sometimes years, I look them over again and polish them. Some don’t make the grade; they are taken apart and the parts returned to the “pieces” bins. Some are ready to mount as is, and some get a small revision or an additional “piece” and take on the radiance that I am working toward.

The objective is order; the process is chaos. It is an amazingly pleasurable and totally absorbing operation.

More photos of the work in progress at Modus Operandi. See some of the finished work for purchase directly from me at Tinies and at Butterflies.

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