Wednesday, May 21, 2014

May, 2014 News and Update

The biggest piece of news is that I am now eighty years old. For a long time I expected to leave this earth at an early age as that was the case with my mother and her mother. But it looks like I will live as my father and his siblings did and last for a while longer. The real surprise, however, is that life is so good. I can honestly say it has never been better. I remain in good health and if I get a nap, I can work a full day. And though the brain cells are falling away, I am painting better than ever. Painting is not a rational pursuit, not the way I do it, so I guess something essential to the process has remained.

More news is that I am not planning to do an open studio this year. I didn’t want to give it up but preparation for the solo show I have ahead of me requires a lot of time and energy. Some of you are familiar with Humboldt State University’s First Street Gallery where I exhibited in 2008. I had the big, beautiful front room then and reveled in the experience. This time, for the show that opens on July fifth, I will have the entire gallery, which means that in addition to the space allotted to me before, the spaces leading to the back entrance will be included. It’s a fantasy made reality. The plan is to do an installation in the back which will be a less formal presentation of work, something more like how I arrange work in progress on my studio walls. A delightful project to think about and realize. I have a bright and competent young woman who has been my studio assistant and is an invaluable helpmate. And two more smart young  women from the galley staff will work with us. Sometimes I wonder about how my life got to be so good but I do not ask questions when good things happen. One that came my way recently was a grant to help with the costs of the exhibition. This has made possible more framing than I had originally planned. And there will be a brochure in addition to the card mailer that I will be able to help pay for. I am so grateful.

By the way, I have a new web site at The old one (and it was old) was hard to manage: uploading new work and making changes was hard labor. This new site is a piece-a-cake. There’s a contact page where you can tell me what you think. As always, I love to hear from you.

The image above: REDBUD 2013, Mixed Media on Canvas, 23" x 92"

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