Friday, December 23, 2011

About a Full Life

I like to have something to do. I don’t like to have a lot to do. It’s lovely to be focused on a task to the exclusion of everything else. Days like today, when there was so much that seemed important and urgent, everything vying with everything else for my attention, make me want to walk away from all of it. 

Sometimes life gets too full. A good solution would be to get myself cloned — several times over. Then one part of me would be writing this blog, another would be in the kitchen baking the cake that I promised my daughter for her party and another would be paying the bills that are in danger of coming overdue. One of me would be working happily in the studio while another putters mindlessly about the house. One could be on the phone with a friend and an additional version could be reading quietly or (oh, joy!) taking a nap. None of me would be cleaning house. No sense in wasting any of this bounty.

And now all of me wishes all of you a joyful holiday with many happy returns.

The photo above is what the space that will become my studio looked like the day I saw it for the first time. If you stay tuned for updates you will see it become my ideal of a workspace: the well-illuminated inside of a white box. Hard to imagine, huh? Well, have faith.

Here’s an update on the moving story: I have the keys to the new quarters now. The plans for the renovation to what will be my studio are out for bids. The move is planned for the very end of January and it is my hope that the studio will be ready then. That is probably wishful thinking, but life has been so good to me lately, I’m going to assume this will just fall into place well. Or if not, I’ll adjust. Do not want to seem ungrateful to whatever angels have been seeing to my well-being.

Remember that to ease the transition, all work from 2007 and earlier that I am not currently marketing is on sale at a 50% reduction in price. Email me for images and prices or call for information or a studio appointment.

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    Rectangles abound
    This side of town.

    They’re green and they’re blue
    With varying hue.

    Orange ones have dots
    Reds have white spots.

    Different as they may be
    They’re all fun to go see.

    Some with white borders
    Others borderless in their orders.

    Rectangles standing alone
    Rectangles with an accompanying clone.

    There’s multiples and more
    There’s rectangles galore.

    The creator of all these
    Is so easy to please.

    An afternoon bed
    To rest her sweet head.

    And what time of day
    Does she want to go lay?

    From one until three
    It’s her life’s luxury.

    She calls it her nap
    To avoid the over-worked trap.

    A nap ‘til she rises
    She vehemently prizes.

    There’s no need for it to be said
    The shape of her bed.

    It’s always rectangular
    Not square, circular or triangular.

    Rectangles abound
    this side of town.