Friday, April 20, 2012

Just a short note and for the first time in my blogging history, no image.

This is the final stretch of putting the studio (and my working life) back together. I am blessed to have work that is so satisfying and cursed in that without it, I am out of sorts. (I’m not sure what “out of sorts” really describes but I think it suits my meaning. I remember the expression from an old radio commercial for a laxative. Advertising was more discreet back then.)

Saturday will make three weeks from the day we (my daughters, son and some friends with little help from me), moved the contents of two large storage units into my clean and ready new studio. And what an unholy mess it became. After days of sorting and thinking and arranging (again with lots of help), it is almost what is was destined to be: a functional, comfortable workspace.

The fine tuning is happening now and by Monday my life will resume. Thanks for hanging with me. Next week there will be photos of the studio, and real life and better blogging will resume.

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